What Floor Jack Does Discount Tire Use?

The discount tire is a well-reputed wheel brand that sells different types of wheels for different vehicles. If you go for the normal quality brand, then you will have to spend the money for new wheels again.

What floor jack does discount tire use? Generally, they may use a 2 or 4-ton floor jack if they need to lift the vehicle at the desired height and which can support the whole weight of the vehicle. They may use a rubber pad while lifting, which can protect the sensitive part of the vehicle. As you know that floor jack is a must for every garage.

First, they will ask simple queries such as where you drive and what kind of drive you do, then they will also guide you about tires. In this article, you will also get an answer to the question that what type of jack do they use.


Can a floor jack freeze in cold weather?

The hydraulic fluid is a major constituent of the floor jack. The freezing point of this fluid is around -10.0° F(-23.0 °C), if this value goes down the fluid may be useless, and the increase in this desired value may enhance the viscosity of the fluid, due to this reason the jack will be harder to use or will not work properly.

However, the performance of the hydraulic jack may be altered by the cold or freezing temperature. When you use your jack in such a worse condition it may damage your costly equipment. Jacks should be stored at proper places and lubricated well before winter starts. Seals of jack and acceleration capabilities may break down at the temperature 180°F (82°C).

Generally, rubber-type material is used in the hydraulic system which is sensitive to cold temperatures and may function as brittle material when the temperature falls down. As a result, the seals and hoses of the jack may damage. Low temperatures may have a special effect on metal materials such as contraction well.

To avoid long-term damage and ultimate cold surroundings always use anti-freezing hydraulic fluids which will maintain the temperature and performance even in cold weather.

Can I store my floor jack vertically?

Yes, you can store your floor jack vertically, it will help to save more space in your repair shop. Sometimes vertical storage is also dangerous especially when kids roaming around your workshop you should store it very carefully. A floor jack is a heavy mechanic device around 100 pounds always store properly so that you can take it back easily whenever you want.

However, storage is an essential part of floor jack maintenance. Always make sure that the jack is properly dried and cleaned. Discharge pressure from the jack cylinder in order to decrease the stress and this will make it long-lasting. To avoid oil leakage always store it upright position.

Jacks may be disclosed to the hardest conditions such as dirt, rain, or salty water and these conditions can fail the performance of jack. As compared to other jacks they are horizontal in shape and may take more space due to this reason they should store vertically but if you have more space in your workshop then you may store it horizontally.

Why does my hydraulic jack bleed down?

When the seal or piston of the hydraulic jack is damaged the jack may bleed down. When you have high profile jack that is repaired from any nearest spare parts shop. Always use fix hydraulic oil for fix jack this will help for excellent performance.

Initially, you should examine the points from where the floor jack is leaking. However, the most common leaking points are the compression ram, the cap of fluid fill, or the pressure discharging valve. When you find the problem of pressure leakage then just move the valve clockwise and fix the problem. Always remember if there is leakage in the jack the air will go inside, and the jack will not work properly.

If you want to avoid this issue kindly purge the air. You can also drain out the fluid of the jack by opening the fluid fill and keeping the jack upside down. Leakage is also repaired by pulling out the ram and finding the o type ring pull it by using needle pliers then get a new o ring and replace it. If you find that the jack leaking is ok, then you can use it not then go to a repairing expert.

Should I jack up my boat trailer?

Yes, you can jack up a boat trailer but try to choose the frame point for jacking up a boat trailer. If you choose the wrong point such as an axle for jacking up the trailer, it may damage the axle very badly because you are lifting the weight of trailer as well as the boat.

However, the dissimilar trailers may have the dissimilar type of axles such as vehicles. The jacking up from the leaf spring axle is a bit different from the torsion bar axle. To support jack points, you can use wood support to a boat trailer. Always keep 2/14 lumber with your jack while traveling.

Obviously, a boat trailer and a four-wheel vehicle are two different things, you can jack from the trunk point it is quite easy but when you look at the boat trailer it has small ground clearance as compared to any car. Deciding the right jack position under the trailer is quite difficult.


I hope this article will help you out regarding different aspects of the floor jack. You should be an expert in order to use a floor jack for lifting or lowering the different vehicles by jacking up at the right position such as frame, not the axle.

As you know that storing the jack at the wrong temperature may lead to failing the hydraulic system so always store your jack in normal weather as preferred according to the manual guide. Proper maintenance is also required for floor jack because it is an important part of repair shops.

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